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September 2022

Jasmine Shopping Center

Q – Hotel Studio & Apartments Bahria Town Karachi

An in-vogue, extravagant, and extensive space that raises your way of life with comfortable energies. The tender loving care and the making of the One-bed Studio and Lofts are extensive enough to be great. Inside, design, a variety of topics, and each corner guarantee productivity, solace, and style. Wide windows with a stunning perspective on the dusk, dawn, and moon - A spot you generally longed...

Paragon Golf View Apartments

Paragon Golf View 2 Bedrooms Apartment

Paragon Golf View Apartments is another loft project sending off soon in Bahria Golf City. As the name portrays, these are extravagant living spaces with heart-winning conveniences. Found contiguous to Western Service Road Precinct 20, it's a golf-confronting condos project. Moreover, it is planned nicely and will be created on worldwide norms of advancement. It's a task by Paragon Construction Pvt. Ltd...

Pakistan Property Leaders

Invest with Pakistan Property Leaders with Rental Insurance

For what reason would it be a good idea for you to pursue property protection in Pakistan? Indeed, consuming time on earth with no protection isn't any not the same as driving a vehicle without a safety belt, with your eyes shut. Thus, for the vast majority, property protection is a well-being net against tough situations and weak circumstances like a fire mishap, regular calamities, or burglaries. What...

Bahria Town Karachi

Construction of Transmission Line’s Contract Signed

Bahria Town (Private) Limited accomplished one more achievement with the consenting of an arrangement with Shanghai Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Engineering Co. Ltd. (SPTD) on a lovely Friday evening in a smooth service. The authorities from Bahria Town and Shanghai Electric graced the occasion with their presence alongside the decent citizenry and media workforce. Set to finish in the...

Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi all Solar

Bahria Town Karachi has turned into the first land designer in Pakistan to have figured out the need of the time and safeguard the climate. For this very reason, Bahria Town Karachi took on a sustainable wellspring of energy and effectively created 3 Megawatts of power utilizing solar chargers. Bahria Town Karachi not just introduced solar chargers on the housetops of workplaces yet, in addition,...

Paragon Developers

All you Need to Know About Paragon Developers

Paragon Constructors, the leader organization of Paragon Group, was laid out in 1991 and is presently one of the main, trusted, and most legitimate development organizations in Pakistan. Milestone projects remember the third biggest mosque in the world, Pakistan's most memorable current Cricket Stadium with a seating limit of 50,000. Paragon has been a trailblazer in the development business, being...

Bahria Town Lahore

What Are the Types of Properties?

Property has extremely wide importance in its genuine sense. It not just incorporates monetary riches and other unmistakable things of significant worth yet additionally incorporates intangibles. These effects and intangibles can be whatever can act as a type of revenue or riches. In this article, we investigate what is property, and its sorts. The term property portrays anything that somebody - an...

Bahria Town Karachi

What Are The 3 Types of Property?

By far most realtors and dealers work with three significant property types representing the greater part of the land possession moves. As another specialist or merchant, you might need to limit your concentration and work in at least one property type. An investigation of the number of properties of each sort in your space, and their relative qualities, would show the conceivable monetary prizes of...

Investment Opportunity in Karachi

Utilizing Digital Marketing in the World of Real Estate?

New real estate professionals frequently sabotage the value computerized promoting holds inside the universe of real estate; nonetheless, it can altogether help you in creating leads and finishing effective deals. Investment Opportunity in Karachi has a massive scope. It is Successful to Own a Site Possessing a site and overseeing it should be your primary goal since, in the computerized world, your...

Pakistan Property Leaders

Tenancy Tips for Landlords and Renters?

Landowners face many kinds of issues and issues when they lease their property to a family or understudies. In some cases, land owners face many difficulties and endure harm to their property. Inhabitants are answerable for the low support of the property by their purposeful or inadvertent carelessness and recklessness. Security for Both Landlord and Renters Lease understanding is an essential report and...

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