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Bahria Town Vs DHA City Karachi

Bahria Town Vs DHA City Karachi

Karachi has a wide range of housing societies but if we talk about luxurious one, the first names that pop into our minds are DHA and The Bahria Town Karachi. Both these modern and innovative projects have developed a name for themselves for providing standard living and a luxury lifestyle, as well as great commercial investment opportunities. Of course, DHA City Karachi has been around for a longer time period than Bahria but Bahria Town has seen tremendous growth in just a few years of its launch.

If we compare the two on the basis of which is best for investment, we’ll have to analyze all the factors that make these societies what they are. Firstly, the location; Bahria Town is situated a little away from the Karachi main city on the Hyderabad motorway, 9 km away from the toll plaza whereas DHA is located 20 km away from the toll plaza.

The DHA city was launched five years earlier than Bahria Town and it was initially supposed to be a housing for defense forces or army officials while Bahria Town is a project of Bahria Developers who have successfully launched this project in Lahore and Islamabad before coming to Karachi. Development and construction are on the rise in both and they are developing at an incomparable speed. If we talk about the rates, a 250 sq. yard plot’s starting price is around Rs. 55 lacs in Bahria Town, while a same-size residential plot costs around Rs. 3.3 crores in DHA City. Similarly, a 2-bedroom apartment in Bahria is priced at around Rs. 54 lacs while in DHA, it’s going to cost you around Rs. 1.4 crores. The rent prices in Bahria Town are comparatively lesser too.

Another great thing about Bahria is its easy payment schedule, almost all the projects offer installment options spread over 2 to 3 years. Bahria Town is a better choice for investors because of its investment return and the increasing inflation in prices on a monthly basis, which makes Bahria the perfect option for short-term investments as well as long-term ones. While the DHA City has a lot of potential to grow and is a good long-term investment opportunity.

Investing in either of these societies is a good idea but Bahria Town is a lot more developed than the DHA City right now. We recommend you to do research and visit sites to consider all your options and make an informed decision. For booking or information regarding Bahria Town projects, contact Pakistan Property Leaders.

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