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Gawadar City – A Pearl in the Ocean

Gawadar City – A Pearl in the Ocean

“Cities aren’t like people; they live on and on, even though their reason for being where they are has gone downriver and out the sea”
-John Updike

Gwadar Port is strategically important due to its strategic position and China’s significant expenditures in providing world-class docking facilities at the port. The port has enhanced China and Pakistan’s existing economic and geopolitical ties.

Pakistan is constructing a port in Gwadar, in the southwest, at the mouth of the oil-rich Persian Gulf. It provides a cost-effective path for the export of Central Asia’s natural resources to the rest of the globe, as well as simple access to Asia’s increasing consumer markets.

Gwadar, with its long blue coastline, lovely beaches, and interesting coves, has tremendous socioeconomic, political, and strategic significance; it is located in the Mekran division and is near to Chabahar port.

The latter is thought to be being constructed and organised as a rival port in the area. Apart from that, it shares a boundary with the Arabian Sea’s warm waters due to its location at the neckline of the Straits of Hormuz, which is the major route and route of oil delivery from OPEC to the rest of the globe.

Gwadar Port is owned by the government and operated by China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC), a state-run Chinese company, although it is vital to Pakistan’s economy.
The port is vital to Pakistan’s geopolitical and economic interests. After Karachi and Qasim port, it is Pakistan’s third most significant deep-sea port.

“It is believed that Gawadar city will play a game-changing role in the economy of Pakistan in upcoming years.”

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