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Going Solar with Bahria Town

Going Solar with Bahria Town

With the world reserves of fossil fuels and other renewable sources of energy going low, going green is the only option left for survival and prosperity. In Pakistan Bahria Town is going solar, which means they are generating their own solar energy. Pakistan has been facing a power deficit for a long time which has caused load shedding of electricity as well as gas all over the country.

Bahria Town promises the best living conditions in Pakistan, which means they have to tackle the problem of electrical load shedding as well. Here is how they did it.
Pakistan has a variety of seasons but one thing common all across Pakistan is that we get a lot of sunlight all over Pakistan throughout the year. Sunlight is also a resource and it is infinite so why not tap into this infinite resource and fulfil our energy goals.

That’s exactly what Bahria Town did, they started a solar energy project to generate electricity using solar cells, and now Bahria Town is proud to announce and congratulate all the team members and residents that they have achieved their goal of generating 3,000,000 Watts or 3Mega Watts of electrical energy using solar sources, becoming the only privately owned residential society to do that in Pakistan. The city of Karachi is already a city that is riddled with environmental problems. This is a huge step in the right direction where not only Bahria Town is producing energy that is virtually free of cost but it is also reducing its carbon footprint which will help us fight climate change in the long run. This is a win for not only Bahria Town but for the whole of Mankind.

Bahria Town Karachi is the pinnacle of excellent living and innovation. Now by going solar Bahria Town Karachi is setting an example for the others to follow to ensure best living conditions for its residents while fulfilling their duty to the planet as well. That is the reason that living in Bahria Town and investing there is one of the best decisions you can make these days.

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