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Grand Mosque Bahria Town Karachi

Grand Mosque Bahria town Karachi

Grand Mosque Bahria Town Karachi

Spirituality is an integral part of one’s soul. No one has understood it better than Bahira town by providing means to people so they can practice their religion in peace. Bahira town Karachi brings you a grand mosque that can accommodate up to 800,000 people at the same time. This beautiful piece of art mosque is inspired by architectural designs of Turkey, Iran and brings out the Mughal roots of the country in a gorgeous way. This mosque is by far Pakistan’s largest mosque ever to be build.

What you need to know about Grand Mosque in Bahria Town Karachi

Apart from the beautiful elements, the mosque plays an important role in promoting tourism. This stunning architecture can bring foreigners in that will eventually boost the economy and business not only within Bahria town but the entire city. PPL is providing you with a chance to live in the surroundings of this beautiful mosque and that too staying within your requirements.

The grand mosque Bahria town has a total of 150 domes which add to its uniqueness and beauty. Apart from this particular mosque, Bahria town has numerous smaller mosque within walking distances from residential communities.

The Grand Mosque and other amenities in Bahria Town Karachi

We at PPL Homes have been dealing with Bahria town Karachi since years now due to the impeccable infrastructure and the availability of basic amenities within the settlement. Due to the near future inauguration of the Grand mosque, so many people are interested to invest in Bahria town which has resulted in a price hike. PPL Homes suggests that you make an investment right away before it becomes hardly affordable. Along with the Grand mosque, there are hospitals, schools and almost all other amenities in Bahria Town.

Architectural details of the Grand Mosque Bahria town Karachi

The size of the mosque is massive and it is built on a 50-acre plot and the elevation 60 feet which makes it visible for far off areas as well. There is a minaret that goes up to 99 meters and the size of the largest dome is 75 meters. Special beige coloured marble from Balochistan has been used in the construction and the most beautiful element is that the mosque is surrounded by lush green gardens from all sides.

This attraction is the most highlighted attraction in the history of Pakistan. PPL Homes can help you get your spot in Bahria town with utmost dedication and clarity that is required. Contact us today for further information.

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