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Healthcare Facilities In Bahria Town Karachi

Healthcare Facilities In Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria town Karachi brings you the best way to gauge your health by providing you with healthcare facilities that are up to the international standards. The prime focus of these facilities is to provide seamless patient care and treatment plans that are highly efficient and result oriented.

Bahria Town International Hospital Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi brings you a modern as well as a multi-disciplinary hospital to look after your health. This flagship hospital is equipped with advanced equipment to cater all sorts of cases so you don’t have to go anywhere far from Bahria Town for your medical emergency. Not only is this hospital a house of excellence when it comes to providing healthcare but it has beat all the existing hospitals in the country in terms of patient care, low costs and highly reliable healthcare professionals.


Bahria Town International Hospital Karachi is located in precinct 19, Phase 1, which is a perfect location no matter where you require to approach it from. It is strategically placed in order to give you the convenience of commuting in case you are in an emergency.


Bahria Town International Hospital Karachi has an excellent number of departments led by experienced healthcare professionals to ensure that you are provided with the best. The hospital has a fully equipped ER, orthopaedics, gynaecology, neurosciences, cardiology, dermatology, dedicated labs and many other departments. Basically, no matter what issue you are facing, the hospital has a professional in all expertise. Not only that, you will find a prayer area, cafeteria, resting area and a NICU; all inside Bahria Town International Hospital Karachi.


Bahria Town International Hospital Karachi has the latest cardiac MRI, CT machines to ensure that your diagnosis is free of any mistakes. With the combination of excellent doctors and nurses available around the clock and modern technology, you can rely on Bahria Town International Hospital for your health without a second thought.

State Of The Art Building

Unlike many other hospitals, Bahria Town International Hospital is spacious with a wondrous architecture. It will be safe to say that the infrastructure of the hospital is globally recognized due to it being highly functional for smooth every day operations. Besides, it is fully secured via 24-hour security team and CCTV cameras at all times. The hospital engages itself in safety protocols to battle unavoidable circumstances and the ongoing pandemic.

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