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Is Investing in Bahria Town Profitable?

Is Investing in Bahria Town Profitable?

Karachi’s Bahria Town being built on the outskirts of Pakistan’s financial hub is among the world’s largest privately developed and managed cities. Bahria includes amusement parks, community parks, mosques, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, libraries, business parks, restaurants, recreation facilities, sports grounds, shopping malls, etc. Bahria town is the dream gated town for the residents of Pakistan and foreigners as well. From the beginning of the project till now Bahria has been rapidly increasing with new projects and providing every basic facility to the residents of Bahria Town.

This catches the attention of investors and residents as well. It has become the top investment opportunity for overseas Pakistanis and locals as well, a local investor in Karachi had bought several units and plots and then flipped them at profitable rates. Many of them are still operating them and making new projects, other than that the beneficiaries complement the Bahria rules and regulations facilitating customers with rents that have invested in projects are getting rent till their project is completed as inflation rises which results in an ultimate rise in property rates as well.

In Pakistan where organically growing cities lack basic facilities such as a good infrastructure of roads and sewage systems, Bahria town is a breath of fresh air as the infrastructure and living conditions are on par with the international standards. People of Karachi are sometimes devoid of leisurely activities meanwhile Bahria Town with its internationally designed theme parks, zoos, cinemas, and family parks fill that void for the city people. Many people from other areas of Karachi go to Bahria Town on weekends to relax and refuel from the hectic daily life of the city.

The rising number of street crimes in the city has also become profitable for Bahria town as it is seen as a much safer option to enjoy the weekend without any fear and spend quality time with family and significant others without the fear of any crime. All in all Bahria Town Karachi is a gleaming opportunity for those who want to invest their savings in hopes of earning better returns.

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