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Masooma Residency – 2 and 3 Bed Apartments Bahria Town Karachi

Massoma Residency Bahria Town Karachi

Masooma Residency – 2 and 3 Bed Apartments Bahria town Karachi

Living in apartments is the new age trend which not only brings out a community spirit but also non-conventional living practices that we need. The best part about investing in an apartment is that you are unintentionally not only saving the living space for fellow beings but also inclining towards a more sustainable living for the planet. Bahria town Karachi in hand with Masooma builders have given this apartment building a nice positive twist.

Reasons you should invest in an apartment in Masooma Residency

Masooma residency is located at Jinnah avenue just 200 meters from the main gate in Bahria town Karachi and is in the surroundings of a hospital and a theme park. Location wise, another good thing is that it is very close to the super highway and offering west open apartments with beautiful views. You can find 2 and 3 bedroom apartments in a variety of living space designs depending on your requirement. Apart from that the building offers you a number of amenities that are necessary for a luxury as well as easy lifestyle. Parking and security facility are provided for a safer stay. You can book all of this with the starting price of 2,527,700/- only.

Apartments are safer – Here’s why

Most of us can’t afford to hire private security residing in a house, here’s where apartment buildings like Masooma residency come in the scene. With a 24-hour watch, you and your family can peacefully sleep at night without having to worry about anything. Apart from that, the construction has been stated as rock solid with a number of approved and checks from the settlement itself. Living as a community can bring out so much joy and helping hands if needed.

Thinking about investing in an apartment at Masooma residency? Follow these steps

If you have made your mind up to invest in this beneficial project, get in touch with PPL Homes today to find out how you can claim a luxury apartment in Bahria Town Karachi of your own. PPL can help and guide you throughout the way to ensure that the process of buying an apartment is as easy as ABC. Just pick your phone up and find out the answer to all of your questions.

Is it affordable? Absolutely

The first and foremost question that arises hearing about luxury apartments is that are they affordable and within your range. The answer to that question is yes. Masooma residency has a number of payment plans that you can find more about via PPL. We are here to help you get your living standard higher than before.

Investing in an apartment to get an incredible return is the sanest choice to make right now. Bahria town Karachi is the dream settlement that you have been looking for. Contact us for more without hesitation.

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Contact our specialised Bahria Town Karachi team of experts for an unbiased and honest property buying or selling advice knowing with PPL Homes team you are in safe hands.

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