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Most Demanded Precincts in Bahria Town Karachi

Most Demanded Precincts in Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town is no doubt the best investment opportunity to make an ever-growing investment for people in Karachi. It offers safe and secure investments with easy installment plans and guaranteed great revenues. Although the entire Bahria Town is good for investment, some areas are better than the rest and you should definitely research and take in all the insights before making a decision so that you choose the best option.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most demanded precincts of Bahria Town that promise the best investment returns. All of these precincts are developing rapidly and their pricing is rising day by day. First, on the list, we have the very well-known Precinct 12, also known as the Ali Block. This precinct is situated in very close proximity to the Main Gate, just a mere 10 km away. Due to this amazing location and the projects present in Precinct 12, it’s considered one of the best options for investments. The area consists of 125 sq. yard plots with all the necessary facilities and amenities, as well as ready-to-live-in Quaid and Iqbal villas are also fully constructed here.

The precinct faces the Grand Jamia Mosque and is located at a height that ensures you’ll never face any drainage problems. Another amazing option for investments is Precinct 10A. It’s also near the Main Gate and just a kilometer away from the Grand Jamia Mosque. This precinct contains 200 sq. yard villas that are designed and built with the utmost perfection and the modern architecture will have you in awe.

It’s perfect if you want to relocate or simply make an investment. It also offers all the facilities you can require to lead a healthy and fulfilled life. If we’re talking about the most demanded precincts, how can we not include the precinct 35 which has the most sought-after Bahria Sports City. This precinct is the definition of luxury, with 350 sq. yard villas and the ideal location with direct access to Jinnah Avenue. This project has everything a sports enthusiast can dream of, from badminton courts to jogging tracks to a gymnasium. It will also be home to Pakistan’s biggest stadium, The Rafi Cricket Stadium which is soon to be inaugurated.

Now that you have all the information about which precinct offers what, you can make an informed decision. You can also visit the property site to get a better idea about the project and its surroundings. For further details or booking, contact Pakistan Property Leaders.

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