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Policies and Laws of Construction in Bahria Town

Policies and Laws of Construction in Bahria Town

There’s a reason why Bahria Town has acquired such a wonderful reputation and how it has managed to maintain its image and keeps on providing excellent customer service to its residents. To provide its residents with an amazing lifestyle, Bahria Town has developed some must-follow policies and regulations, also known as by-laws. These laws need to be followed no matter the type of construction you’re doing, whether it be a villa or a farmhouse, based on any size of a plot. It’s necessary to adhere to these policies or else you can face serious consequences and fines.

These laws help maintain the standard of properties in Bahria and provide a certain amount of unification to all the constructions. The first step to follow is to get approval for your desired designs from Bahria’s authorized architect along with paying a fee based on the size of your plot. After this a PEC authorized will conduct a soil test. The documents required for getting design approval include:

  • Bahria Town Karachi allotment letter
  • A copy of the property owner’s CNIC
  • Copy of the possession letter
  • Payment receipt
  • No Dues Certificate (NDC)
  • Two sets of soil tests

There are also some guidelines for construction that must be adhered that include:

  • The constructed building must be 30 feet tall while the floor should level 2 feet above the road level and the porch level must be 8 inches with 12 feet in length and on a size not exceeding 380 sq. ft.
  • The underground and overhead water tanks must be constructed with the provided size, different for each plot size.
  • The property owner is responsible for any damage caused to neighboring houses, especially in the case of a construction of a 1 Kanal house basement.
  • The color scheme used for the exterior of the house should be approved by the Design Wing of Bahria town.
  • After every stage of construction, Bahria issues a completion certificate and the provided inspection card must be signed by the site inspectors to acquire this certificate.

Following these by-laws is mandatory if you want to construct a house in Bahria Town and these laws facilitate the residents by maintaining the luxury living standard that Bahria is known for. These are some of the laws and policies, for learning about further by-laws or in case of inquiries, contact Pakistan Property Leaders.

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