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Precinct 27 Bahria Homes and 125 SQ yards Residential Plots

Precinct 27 Bahria Homes & 125 SQ yards Residential Plots

Precinct 27 of Bahria Town Karachi is of the most sought-after areas featuring Bahria Homes and residential plots. Bahria Homes are ready-to-live in villas based on 235 sq. yards. Built spaciously, keeping in mind the concept of luxury living that’s the highlight of Bahria Town. Precinct 27 is on the main Jinnah Avenue commercial, providing easy access to the city and just a 10-minute drive away from the Bahria’s Main Gate.

The area has a lot of attractions surrounding it like the Grand Jamia Mosque, Dancing Fountains and Bahria Gold City. It is a security-gated community with day-to-day life amenities available as well like mosques, parks, shops and schools. Precinct 27 Bahria Homes are magnificently built with beautiful infrastructure, consisting of 235 sq. yards that feature 3-bedrooms and cost around Rs. 1.7 to 2.17 crores.

Although, the prices are increasing significantly so right now’s the best time to invest here. The villas have their own parking space as well. Bahria Homes are currently up for grabs with a lot of them already occupied and the people are residing in them, making the area lively. Next in Precinct 27, adjacent to Bahria Homes, we have residential plots of 125 sq. yards, these residential plots are also being bought pretty fast with developed plots or construction underway on some of them. The plots are near Bahria Golf City, with the view of Golf City’s 7-star hotel. The plots cost around Rs. 50 to 70 lacs depending upon the exact location of the plot and its view. These plots are a good opportunity for investment since the population of Bahria is increasing day by day which promises a great return on this investment.

If you’re looking to make an investment in Bahria Town, we suggest Precinct 27 as it’s affordable at rates with comfortable and modern living standards. The prices of this precinct are only increasing day by day and in the future, with the development of the residential plot, it’ll be one of the most prominent precincts of Bahria Town. For booking and further details, contact Pakistan Property Leaders.

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