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Public Transportation in Bahria Town Karachi

Public Transportation in Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi is transforming into the best luxury living society in all of Karachi. Located a little further away from the main city and based on such a huge area, Bahria Town offers residents public transportation to make their daily commute easier. With so many people already residing here and a whole lot more planning to shift, Bahria offers all the facilities one could require to live a peaceful life and one of the facilities is multiple transportation options.

Bahria has a Sightseeing Bus Service that is great for visitors and residents alike although it serves merely as a sightseeing bus and not a vehicle for daily commute traveling outside Bahria Town. For this purpose, Bahria has launched a free shuttle service to Malir and Sohrab Goth. This works great as a pick-and-drop option for people traveling to work every day. The buses complete 3 round trips to their respective destinations within a day.

The starting point of these buses is Precinct 10 and they start operating from 7:30 in the morning. Bahria has also launched a double-decker bus service, these buses work as sightseeing buses, they start their route from the Bahria Town Carnival and go to all the tourist attractions like Dancing Fountain, Grand Jamia Mosque, Rafi Cricket Stadium, Bahria Night Safari and Bahria Adventure Land.

The bus fare is priced at a low cost of Rs.30. Other than this, Bahria also surprised its residents by launching the ever-famous luxury travel bus service, Daewoo Express. The pickup for the Daewoo has been set up just a kilometer away from the Main Gate and offers a waiting area and a washroom as well. There are 3 buses scheduled for that day and offer a wide range of options to choose from like sleepers, VIPs and economy class. People can book their tickets from Daewoo’s online booking service and relax. Other than these transport services, the SWVL has also started operating in Bahria Town and provides easy, affordable traveling to the residents.

Aside from public transport, Bahria Town residents can rent a car easily, especially those residing in populated precincts, if they want to go out in the main city or travel somewhere else. Traveling to and from Bahria was one of the struggles the residents had to face and now Bahria has provided them with multiple options. For more details and assistance, contact Pakistan Property Leaders.

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