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What is the Future of Gwadar?

Should you Invest There? The Wave of Future? Gwadar now witnessed a wave of development projects that is opening new avenues of employment and businesses and will lay a strong infrastructural foundation for the country’s future. Gwadar is the port city that serves as the entry point for the immensely trade routes that are the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and One Belt One Road (OBOR)...

Karachi City

Challenges in Pakistan Real Estate You Must Know

Challenges in Pakistan Real Estate You Must Know Real estate market in Pakistan is a very lucrative market with investors reaping handsome gains in both short and long term. Real estate sector also contributes a large amount to our national Gross Domestic Product or GDP. In recent years Pakistan has seen a rise in the amount being invested in the real estate market due to the steps taken by the...

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