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Parks in Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town’s Chirpy Park

Bahria Town’s Chirpy Park Birds are fascinating creatures, full of colour and mesmerising patterns. Birds are a very intelligent type of creature. Birds have always fascinated humans, in Pakistan there is a lack of venues where we can observe birds up close, that’s where Bahria Town’s new initiative to educate and entertain people comes in, Bahria Town’s Chirpy Park is a bird park designed to...

Parks in Bahria Town Karachi

Parks in Bahria Town Karachi Bahria Town Karachi is a community class apart that offers a fresh and green environment, as soon as you set foot inside Bahria, you can feel the clean and refreshing air. Bahria has achieved the goal of being an eco-friendly community by building a lot of parks for its residents that are not only a source of fresh air but entertainment as there’s a huge variety. Most of the...

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