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P16 Commercial

P16 Commercial a Chance to Work

Bahria Town Karachi has been a long-awaited project due to the vacuum of a well-planned housing scheme in the largest city of Pakistan. Karachi doesn't have any society that matches with the international standards of infrastructure and living. Bahria Town has approached Karachi with a master planned mega housing scheme which promises the international standards of infrastructure with state-of-the-art...

Sports City Villas

Sports City Villas Best Opportunity for Luxurious Lifestyle

Most Preferred Lifestyle Destination! A luxury home at the prime location of leisure and lavishness is an ultimate victory. And, Sports City is one of the places in Bahria Town Karachi where you can have gaming activities to live and maintain the health of the next level. Yes, In Precinct 35, Bahria Sports City features 350-yard luxury villas having a 3400 sq ft covered area. These 4-bed elegantly...

New Deal Commercial Plots at Cheapest Rates Ever

New Deal Commercial Plots at Cheapest Rates Ever

Bahria Town is a leading real estate ground in Pakistan. It has developed a number of residential and commercial projects all over Pakistan. In this blog, we the PF Properties talk about the current market situation and the cheapest rates of properties in Bahria Town Karachi. Today, we all know that currently the real estate market is low due to the economical crises in Pakistan. Basically, Pakistan is...

Sukkur Hyderabad Motorway M-6

All you Need to Know about Sukkur Hyderabad Motorway M-6

A Broad Highway Designed for High-Speed Traffic Well, after the phenomenal increase in population in vehicular traffic has resulted in congestion and traffic jams on major roads of country due to which commuters face inconvenience and difficulties such as consumption of excess fuel and time, environmental pollution and accidents, etc. That is why our Local and federal Government Department intends to...


What is the Future of Gwadar?

Should you Invest There? The Wave of Future? Gwadar now witnessed a wave of development projects that is opening new avenues of employment and businesses and will lay a strong infrastructural foundation for the country’s future. Gwadar is the port city that serves as the entry point for the immensely trade routes that are the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and One Belt One Road (OBOR)...

Bahria Apartments VS Bahria Heights

Bahria Apartments VS Bahria Heights

Bahria Town is Pakistan’s 1st international standard residential development scheme which aims to provide the luxury homes and villas with affordability at the top to entertain the common public and to raise their lifestyle. In short, it is a place that can full fill the dreams of a prestigious lifestyle at a fascinating location of the city with the availability of high living standard as well. Bahria...

Central Park Bahria Paradise

Central Park Bahria Paradise

Yes, everyone dreams about a strong roof, and a comfortable room with beautiful scenery and Bahria Town is always there to focus on all the dreams and make them true. This time Bahria Town Karachi brought Bahria Paradise which is ideally located in the vicinity of Grand Jamia Masjid. PF Properties are here to give you more details about the luxury lifestyle community. About Bahria Paradise Bahria...

PF Properties

How to Get Maximum Profit by Investing in Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town is one of the best real estate projects of Pakistan that has changed the whole trend of the real estate market. Due to excellent sort of development work and professional customer dealing has made the Bahria Town very attractive not only for the local investors but several foreign investors also. Expatriate Pakistanis who want to invest their hard earned money prefer Bahria Town housing scheme...

Rafi Cricket Stadium

What Will Be the Impact on Sports City After Rafi Cricket Stadium?

The Power of Cricket Despite Hockey being the national sport of the country, it is cricket that rules over the hearts of the citizens. It creates a lot of excitement and frenzy amongst the fans of the game. It is the most-watched sport in Pakistan and people even miss their schools and offices when any major international match is happening. Cricket unites Pakistanis like nothing else and from kids to...

The Future of Multitude

The Future of Multitude of Apartments in Bahria Town Karachi

Apartment Living is the New Dream! Well, with house prices constantly soaring and populations growing rapidly in major cities of Pakistan, apartment living seems to be the way of the future. Our busy, fast-paced lifestyles have meant that the dream of owning a house in Pakistan is transitioning to feature a high-rise building instead. Bahria Town Karachi, Being one of the most popular societies, can...

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