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SBCA Issues NOC to Bahria Town Karachi

What is the Role of SBCA? SBCA is a regulatory and supervisory body. It implements Karachi Building and Town Planning Regulation. Any structures in violation of approved building plans are demolished. Issue licenses to professionals, builders, and developers under Karachi Building & Town Planning Regulations 2002. Why SBCA Claims that Bahria Town Construction is illegal? The Sindh Building...

Bahria Town Karachi

SBCA issues NOC to Bahria Town Karachi

Big news of this year's SBCA issue NOC (No Complaint Authentication): Bahria Town Karachi! Bahria can publicize and deal with their plots according to other confidential societies. SBCA vows to work with the overall population by guaranteeing the development of Public Deal Structures as per the plan particulars and according to the buyers' rates and supported by the Power. The Power likewise guarantees...

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