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The Old Commercial Area in Precinct 10-A?

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What Will Be the Impact of the Old Commercial Area in Precinct 10-A?

The old Commercial Area of Precinct 10a in Bahria Town Karachi is the Next Commercial Hub like Midway Commercial Bahria Town. Precinct 10a is 90% populated residential area, now in the surroundings of commercial properties which is being constructed.

Most of the investors and clients wanted to know about running a business in this old commercial hub and how it will impact on residential areas of Precinct 10a. That is why we are here to give you a brief about these queries.

Where is the Precinct 10a Located?

Precinct 10a is the heart of Bahria Town only 10 minutes drive away from the main gate. It is beautifully planned and designed by the management of Bahria Town. It is a residential area where you can find the most astounding constructed Villas with complete facilities. Precinct 10a has a Murree View Picnic Point because it is lying on the hills from where you can view the natural beauty of the land just with a cup of tea.

It is 90% populated area where many of the families are already living and enjoying lifestyle community features like:

  • 24/7 security with maintenance
  • Mosque
  • Central Park
  • Many Commercial houses
  • Shopping Gallery and Marhaba Mart

About Precinct 10a Commercial

Bahria Town Karachi Has Introduced the Plots in 2 Categories Which Are:

  • 125 Sq.yd
  • 200 Sq.yd
  • 250 Sq.yd

These commercial plots you are permitted to build ground plus 6 story commercial building on a single plot and 8 story if you are building on 2 plots together. The shops and showrooms are on the ground and offices on the 1st to 6th-8th Floor. These commercial properties are a part of precinct 10a which is surrounded by Precinct 11a Villas, precinct 10b, and 11b Villas. It has a Murree view picnic point with a beautiful “Lazy-S” curve, and a liberty commercial strip outlining the entire precinct. Many commercial businesses and projects are in running, and most of the projects are in some stages of construction. All the facilities are up to mark.

How 10a Commercial Property Affects and What Will Be its Impact on 10a?

Commercial properties impact a residential property’s value to a great extent. By understanding how commercial property can affect the value of houses, you can make better investment decisions that will be profitable if you plan to shop for a commercial space for your business in the future.

This 10a Commercial Area has many advantages it can help increase the overall culture and diversity of a neighborhood and also grow the value of villas. It also helps residents to discover new things about their community. Most important these commercial buildings provide jobs and services to the community which greatly benefits not only 10a but the whole society as well and because of that, 10a commercial properties are ready to welcome new businesses in the area where there’s a higher demand for employment. In the current market space, it has a higher rank and prices are increasing day by day according to its demands.

Old Commercial areas can be a great investment opportunity for investors and homeowners in the future. We the look forward to serving you and being able to satisfy the queries you have.

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