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Tourist Attractions in Karachi

Tourist Attractions in Karachi

Karachi is not only the financial capital of Pakistan but it is also one of its oldest cities. Karachi has been mentioned in many ancient chronicles, be it the sagas of Ibn e Batuta, or the Greek accounts of the city near the sea. Karachi was a village at the beginning and now has grown into a blustering metropolis full of many cultures and many people. People settle in Karachi from all over Pakistan, and from other countries like Burma, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan. Karachi has become a place of attraction for many. Karachi other than being a financial center is also a place full of tourist attractions.

In the inner city the city includes historic buildings like the Mohatta Palace, Frere Hall, the Empress Market and other British Era buildings in the city. One of the most famous places of attraction for tourists in Karachi is the Mazar-e-Quaid in the middle of the city, the towering white structure with its wide tombs and the surrounding blissful parks provide a peaceful place to enjoy the day.

The Mohatta Palace, constructed in 1925 by a wealthy Hindu business man, later became a museum, Mohatta Palace provides a rare window in the past. The sea shore of Karachi is also a tourist magnet for the tourists and the citizens of Karachi, the sea shore consists of beaches of Sea View Karachi, Hawke’s Bay, and Manora Island. Other than historical or natural landmarks Karachi has now become a hub of new attractions like the structures and parks of Bahria Town. Bahria Town Karachi also attracts many tourists every week. The Dancing Fountain of Bahria Town, the Grand Jamia Masjid, The Danzoo, and Bahria Adventure land also attracts many tourists and even the citizens of Karachi. Almost every weekend the citizens of Karachi are attracted to the Bahria Town to decompress over the weekend.

Karachi, like any other metropolis all over the world, attracts many people every year either for work or some for the leisure opportunities it provides. Karachi is also a home to many tourist attractions and many religious structures as well.

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