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How Malir Expressway has connected the entire Karachi with Bahria Town for easy access

How Malir Expressway has connected the entire Karachi with Bahria Town for easy access

Many of us like the hustle and bustle of the city, at the same time want to get home to a quiet and a peaceful environment. Bahria town Karachi was planned very carefully keeping the access points and future endeavors in mind. One of these things was the construction of Malir expressway that has recently been approved by the Sindh government. This has induced a happy vibe among all the land owners in Bahria town Karachi and everyone who has been thinking to invest there.

The uncountable benefits of Malir expressway

The infrastructure of any settlement, city or a country has a massive effect on day to day activities of the residents and the working class. With thorough planning of Bahria town Karachi, Malir expressway was always considered to bring easy and exemplary access to the settlement from the main city. Not only will this expressway cut down the distance to half for the regular commute but it will also bring down the construction costs and cheaper labour when you finally decide to invest in constructing your dream house in Bahria town Karachi. Along with this, the property prices of shops, houses and plots will increase due to the high demand. Let PPL Homes guide you around this perfect time of investment to get amazing returns.

An overview of Malir expressway that connects Bahria town Karachi to the main city

This 39 km long road starts from Korangi Qayummabad and merges with Kathore super highway making it highly reasonable route to many other locations apart from Bahria town Karachi. The construction of Malir expressway is predicted to complete in less than no time which means soon enough the residents of Bahria town Karachi will be able to enjoy seamless access to the main city via this three into three lane smooth road. Not only that the people residing in the main city Karachi can use this expressway for airport and super highway.

This is the time to invest, find out why

Location is the key to profits. A large number of queries for PPL are pouring in after the construction of Malir expressway was approved. The intelligent decision at this time would be to invest in Bahria town right away before the price sky rocket due to the easy access. PPL has been property guru in making accurate predictions keeping the market in mind.

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