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The Infrastructure of Bahria Town

The Infrastructure of Bahria Town

Bahria Town launched in Karachi in 2014 after successfully establishing itself as the ideal society in Islamabad, Lahore, and Rawalpindi. Bahria Town is one of the best in Karachi when it comes to being an international standard society that has amazing infrastructure and quality of life. Bahria provides the ultimate luxurious living with well-planned and thought-out infrastructure that has helped Bahria Town earn a name for itself.

Bahria Town Karachi has well-built roads, play areas, planned commercial areas, underground electricity, underground sewerage, and gutter lines, parks, and infrastructure with the best quality of construction. It also does a great job at maintaining cleanliness and security better than the rest. Bahria Town is a planned housing scheme that promises state-of-the-art infrastructure with innumerable amenities for the residents and that is why it has become the most appealing to people all over Karachi. Not only this, but Bahria also provides a calm and peaceful environment, away from the hustle and bustle of the main city where you can live along with enjoying the amazing luxuries of life.

The monsoon weather of Karachi is also known to be unpredictable and has submerged and flooded most of the housing societies, apartments, residential homes, and even shopping malls, where water can accumulate up to feet. But Bahria Town planned ahead and prepared for such circumstances. Bahria Town built dams for this purpose, the dams are built in different regions spread over Bahria and there are a total of 12 dams. They can hold a capacity of 160 million cubic water. The dams are functional and their impact was seen last year when all of Karachi was flooded but Bahria Town merely had wet roads. The dams can hold water for future purposes after purification.

Bahria also paid close attention to detail to ensure the place looks stunning and added beautiful landmarks all over the society, you will see beautiful roundabouts with eye-catching infrastructure and iconic landmarks, such as the Egyptian Columns and the Eiffel Tower.

Bahria Town is truly the result of a well-planned infrastructure and as soon as you enter Bahria Town you will witness the change yourself, with clean roads filled with trees and clean fresh air. If you require further details or want to learn about the available property in Bahria Town Karachi, contact Pakistan Property Leaders.

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