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Dx Trade Tower Bahria Town Karachi

DX Exchange Tower

Karachi is continuously chipping away at a novel, the new thing by giving clients the best spot to experience their fantasies. We are dependably one stride ahead and arranging the top-notch. Accordingly, presently we are inviting you to our next megaproject, the DX Exchange Tower. This Tower will without a doubt be the best fascinating business project in the entire Bahria Town Karachi. The splendid part about this is that we have set it in the most hopeful area so it tends to be well-eminent.

This is on plot number 32 and it is put on Primary Jinnah Road. Thus, you will see this astonishing creation at whatever point you cruise by. This stunning business tower has been given due significance which is the reason it will help you as in you can get 6% of the rental worth provided that you pay everything. Hence, you can now get the best installment plan for this Tower at present.

We have forever been dedicated and finished every one of our points while giving the best and most precise timetable to every one of our clients.

Our Extraordinary Beginning to Another Task Dx Exchange Tower

It is again with colossal pleasure that we are presently beginning our new venture known as the DX Exchange Tower. After taking a gander at our previous encounters and their reaction, we chose to begin another undertaking that has ground in addition to 18 floors. The format is equivalent to the venture on Jinnah Road. The best thing about this Tower is that one story will have 6 workplaces also. The size of the workplaces will differ.

This Tower won’t have substantially more than whatever else. It is richer and cutting edge than the rest and we have set this in the best ideal spot also. Before making any outline, we guarantee that everything is in the best position and area. We don’t maintain that clients should have any challenges or questions with regards to carrying on with an extravagant life.

Payment Schemes of DX Exchange Tower

There are different portion processes too. We offer the best 25 regularly scheduled payments for the floors in general. Each floor has 4 distinct regions that you can look over. Thus, we have given clients various choices to see which one fits them best. The upfront installment for every one of them will be 25% too. Here are the region choices from the fourth floor to the eighteenth floor as well as their all-out installment.

         700 sq feet-PKR 8,750,000

         526 sq feet-PKR 6,579,125

         1074 sq feet-PKR 13,431,375

         668 sq feet-PKR 8,355,750

         697 sq feet-PKR 8,722,750

         885 sq feet-PKR 11,073,500

Dx Exchange Tower- The Development of Something Wonderful

The floor plan of the storm cellar and the ground floor will be not quite the same as the rest. Though, the wide range of various floors will have a similar floor plan. At the point when Salaam Domain and Manufacturers consider giving the best then we place it in the most appropriate spot also. Consequently, we have given our DX Exchange Tower the best area on Principal Jinnah Road. This is a truly outstanding and luxurious spot in Bahria Town Karachi.

Consequently, we guarantee you that you will have no limitations and impediments when you come here. We are continuously attempting to get new ways how to improve everything more than before with the goal that everybody can live in their fantasy land. Additionally, we likewise guaranteed that different necessities, for example, strip malls and mosques are close by while giving you the most charming perspective. Our past undertakings have been all awesome with quality which is the reason our next DX Exchange Tower will be worked from excellent while giving an extravagance offer.

It’s one more worthful task by DX Gathering. Booking is simply a beginning spot. In this way, don’t miss the best return for money invested in making an experience. Contact us today.

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