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What Will Be the Impact on Sports City After Rafi Cricket Stadium?

Rafi Cricket Stadium

The Power of Cricket

Despite Hockey being the national sport of the country, it is cricket that rules over the hearts of the citizens. It creates a lot of excitement and frenzy amongst the fans of the game. It is the most-watched sport in Pakistan and people even miss their schools and offices when any major international match is happening. Cricket unites Pakistanis like nothing else and from kids to adults; everyone keeps track of the cricket score whenever the Pakistani team is playing.

This is the sports spirit of the Pakistani people, so we Pak Flag Properties have a feeling of great anticipation before the completion of Rafi Cricket Stadium.

Rafi Cricket Stadium

Well, Rafi Cricket Stadium of Bahria Town Karachi will be the most advanced International Cricketing facility in Pakistan. This Stadium is still under construction and it will be the largest ever cricket stadium in Pakistan. Its nearby places are Precincts 37, 36, 35, 34, and 33. And the Sports villas are located in precinct 35 which is already populated with families enjoying all the facilities and amenities of these Villas. Its nearby attractions are The Eiffel Tower and The main commercial Hub.

Rafi Cricket stadium will prove to be an excellent source of healthy entertainment for the residents of Sports Villas as well as it will also be a great source of revenue for BTK.

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Impact of Sports Villas after Rafi Cricket Stadium

Well, there are mainly 9 ways to positive impact on Sports City Villas which are as follows:

  • Rafi Cricket Stadium directly attracted the Economic growth of Sports City Villas as well as other nearby places. Overall, it will increase exposure and visibility, revenue, and contribute to stimulating the development of Sports City.
  • It will create new businesses and increases employment opportunities which will be beneficial for this community.
  • It will build a stronger, healthier, happier, and safer community.
  • It will become an accumulation of varied beliefs and cultures in the spirit of unity. One such binding religion and faith is the game of cricket.
  • It will make your home to be proud of as well as Bahria Town will also be known as the Town of pride.
  • It will help your kids to get active by having an academy and gymnasium inside the stadium.
  • It will enhance the demand and beauty of this community through crowd and media coverage.
  • It will also strengthen your community’s relationship with other countries and maintains the sportsman spirit.
  • It will be a venue for many International Cricketers, famous personalities, and fans because Cricket is not just a game, it is a love that people have.

If you want to be a center face of attraction in Bahria Town feel free to invest in Sports City Villas as you are in safe hands.

Rafi Cricket Stadium can be considered the luxury high-rise stadium which will be an investment hub not only for Sports City Villas but for multiple nearby places. In the future the surroundings of the stadium will become a highly considered residential and commercial square due to famous and professional personalities and celebrities will come and visiting to attend the matches’ events. If you want to become a part of this please contact PF Properties.

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