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Bahria Homes VS Private Construction Villas

Bahria Homes VS Private Construction Villas

Bahria Town is Pakistan’s 1st international standard residential development scheme which aims to provide the luxury homes and villas with affordability at the top to entertain the common public and to raise their lifestyle. In short, it is a place that can full fill the dreams of a prestigious lifestyle at a fascinating location of the city with the availability of high living standard as well. Bahria Town is a dream place within a city of Karachi.

Well, are doing their best to comfort their clients and investors but many of the clients catechized and coherent whether to buy a house of Bahria homes or to construct own Villa in Bahria Town with private builders which one is the best choice?

That is why we the is here to discuss about both the choices. Let’s talk about Bahria Homes first.

Bahria Homes

Bahria Homes are the example of luxury lifestyle with complete package of basic necessities like:

  • Proper Gas lines
  • Water lines underground
  • Electricity
  • Proper internet connection

Bahria Town has carefully planned Bahria Homes by using all the resources which are being used to live a luxury life with peaceful environment. You will find Bahria Homes and Villas at Quaid Villas, Iqbal Villas , Precinct 10a, 10b, 11a, 11b, 27, 31 and 35. Most prominent of these are the Bahria Homes in Quaid Villas & Iqbal Villas. Many of the families are started living and enjoying lifestyle community features like:

  • 24/7 security with maintenance
  • Mosque in every Block
  • Central Parks
  • Commercial houses
  • Shopping Galleries and Marts
  • Sports complex
  • Proper ventilated designs

Well, these are facilities which Bahria is providing by own. But people also said about Bahria Homes that the construction of these houses is at average. Last few years the rain fall in Karachi has increased, excessive rainfall has exposed the construction quality of Bahria Homes. Now let’s talk about Private construction Villas.

Private Construction Villas

Well in private construction plots are available in Bahria Town with these sizes which are 125, 250, 500, 1000 Sq.Yd. Here you can have your own design a dream home of your choice, your constructions and your layout. The construction of a house  by a private builder is not only bearing structure, roof, walls, floor and ceiling installation, but also construction of all the necessary communications (heating supply system, water supply, sewerage system, ventilation system, electricity and low voltage systems etc.) and its all according to your choice which is the best thing.

Now-a-days due to the market situation our living cost and expenses are increasing day by day which will become difficult to manage in a private house. Many of the residents have left Bahria Town due to its living cost. Basic necessities are hard to find for example:

  • There is no proper water and electricity lines
  • No proper gas line
  • No internet connections
  • And the most important is that at the time of construction you have to use generators for your machinery.

When we measure up both sides together each has its pros and cons. It all depends on your personal preference.

Thank you for reading our blog. Will be happy to provide the accurate information for your dream home.

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