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Bahria Town’s Chirpy Park

Bahria Town’s Chirpy Park

Birds are fascinating creatures, full of colour and mesmerising patterns. Birds are a very intelligent type of creature. Birds have always fascinated humans, in Pakistan there is a lack of venues where we can observe birds up close, that’s where Bahria Town’s new initiative to educate and entertain people comes in, Bahria Town’s Chirpy Park is a bird park designed to emulate jungles and build a habitat for birds that feels like their own home. This bird park will attract people and children of all ages where they can observe and learn about birds, their habitat and different species.

The Chirpy Park will feature a wide variety of birds including the African Grey Parrot, Yellow-charged Stork, Silver Pheasant, Red Lory, Indian Blue Peafowl, Straw-headed Bulbul, Flamingos, Hornbills, Waterhens, Parrots, Cockatoos, Storks, Pheasants, Pigeons, and Macaws. This mark is more than just watching birds, it also offers instructive shows and documentaries about the birds in order to educate the young and the old generation. Guided tours can also be taken if the visitors want to get to know the birds better or you can take an independent stroll through the park and enjoy the birds around you.

If you want to get memorabilia the park also features a few gift shops where you can get a lot of park merchandise featuring the birds of the park.
Bahira Town’s initiative to be more than just a residential scheme is commendable. Bahria Town is featuring different kinds of leisure spots under one umbrella to make sure that all the needs of the residents are fulfilled within the Bahria Town without needing to go out of the boundaries.

The Chirpy Park is only one of these initiatives. Bahria Town’s Danzoo is also another example where the residents and guests can visit the wild animals that most of us only see on TV and observe them from a close proximity and learn about them first hand. Bahria Town is a complete package for those who want to live there. For those of you who want to visit the Chirpy Park you can visit it in the Ali Block Precinct 12 of Bahria Town Karachi.

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