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Bahria Town Karachi Amenities

4 Fun Activities in Bahria Town Karachi

4 Fun activities in Bahria Town Karachi Karachi is considered to be the city that never sleeps which is true on all the levels. With lively people, entertainment spots are mostly always full with the hustle and bustle around. Such a happening city calls for adventure and fun and Bahria town Karachi has taken the concept of fun to a level further up. Following are the activities that you can enjoy in...

How Bahria Town Karachi Is Raising Living Standards

How Bahria Town Karachi is raising living standards Pakistan is a beautiful and a very heart-warming place to live. Having said that there are a few issues that might be worrisome for most of us; for instance, the power outage, sanitation and an overall hustle and bustle that could lead to mental depression. Bahria town Karachi was able to figure out all of these issues by providing people with a...

How Malir Expressway has connected the entire Karachi with Bahria Town for easy access

How Malir Expressway has connected the entire Karachi with Bahria Town for easy access Many of us like the hustle and bustle of the city, at the same time want to get home to a quiet and a peaceful environment. Bahria town Karachi was planned very carefully keeping the access points and future endeavors in mind. One of these things was the construction of Malir expressway that has recently been approved...

Cricket Stadium in Bahria Town Karachi

Leisure and sports activities that you need to try in Bahria town Karachi

Unique Leisure and sports activities provided to you by Bahria town Karachi Bahria town Karachi has provided the city with so many new tourist attractions. Contributing in a healthy lifestyle, Bahria town Karachi has inaugurated the beginning of a sports complex and the country’s largest cricket stadium which is soon to be open for public. With only basics in store, unlike many settlements Bahria town...

Grand Mosque Bahria town Karachi

Grand Mosque Bahria Town Karachi

Grand Mosque Bahria Town Karachi Spirituality is an integral part of one’s soul. No one has understood it better than Bahira town by providing means to people so they can practice their religion in peace. Bahira town Karachi brings you a grand mosque that can accommodate up to 800,000 people at the same time. This beautiful piece of art mosque is inspired by architectural designs of Turkey, Iran and...

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